DigiPay New Version Download [v7.6] For Windows & Android

DigiPay New Version Download

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DigiPay New Version Download: In DigiPay v7.5, several new features have been added, enhancing the software’s performance. Additionally, various issues on Digipay has resolved. The latest version of DigiPay, v7.5, has released by CSC. You can easily download DigiPay (v7.5) from the official website and start using it. This update addresses many problems encountered in the previous version, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for all VLEs. Furthermore, numerous bugs have been fixed in the DigiPay software. Download Digipay v7.5 from the official website.

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Article NameDigiPay New Version Download
CategoryBanking & Finance
Service ProviderCSC SPV
CSC Digital Seva Official Websitecsc.gov.in
DigiPay Official Websitedigipay.csccloud.in
New ServiceBalance Summary After Every Transaction

#1: New Features and Services in DigiPay v7.5

  • Money Transfer Service: The most noteworthy addition to DigiPay v7.4 is the introduction of Money Transfer Service. Users can now seamlessly transfer funds through the platform, providing a convenient solution for digital financial transactions. This expansion further positions Digipay as a comprehensive financial services hub.
  • Digital Seva Portal: Digipay v7.5 has integrated a Digital Seva Portal, creating a centralized hub for accessing a wide array of digital services. This portal serves as a one-stop-shop for users, offering a streamlined experience for various transactions and services.
  • Software Update Requirement: To avail of the newly introduced services, users are required to update their Digipay software. It is essential to stay current with the latest version to benefit from the enhanced features, improved security, and overall optimized performance.
  • Installation Process: Uninstall the old version completely and perform a fresh installation. The installation process is user-friendly, ensuring a smooth transition for both existing and new users.
  • Download Link for Digipay v7.5: To facilitate the update, CSC SPV provides a dedicated download link for Digipay v7.5. Users can access the link [insert link here] to download the latest version and explore the newly added services.

#2: DigiPay New Version Download Link

DigiPay (v7.5) for WindowsDownload
DigiPay v7.5 ZipClick here
DigiPay (v8.1) for AndroidDownload
DigiPay Android (v8.1) direct APKDownload
Microsoft .net framework 4.5Click Here
Visual c++Click Here

#3:How to Fix DigiPay Errors

  1. Insufficient DigiPay Balance: If you’re facing an insufficient DigiPay balance and are unable to proceed with a transaction, make sure to sync your Digipay Passbook with the CSC VLE. Ensure that your wallet balance updates after every transaction. Once DigiPay updates your balance, utilize NEFT/IMPS facilities for seamless payments.
  2. Device Authorization Failed during DigiPay Login: If you encounter device authorization issues while logging into DigiPay, follow these steps:
    • Go to the C drive of your computer and copy the Digipay folder from the CSC e-Governance Services India Limited folder.
    • Uninstall Digipay from your computer and delete the CSC e-Governance Services India Limited folder from the C drive.
    • Download the updated version of Digipay (Banking App), reinstall it on your computer, and register again with Digipay. This should resolve the problem. Optionally, restore the copied folder to its original location.
  3. Unable to Find CSC ID: If you’re unable to find your CSC ID, ensure that you provide a valid CSC ID. You can check your banking details by visiting the link https://register.csc.gov.in/myaccount/login or logging in with your CSC ID. If any information is incorrect, update it accordingly. Additionally, try logging in once in the Digital Seva Portal to check if the ID is being logged in correctly. Often, this issue arises due to incorrect banking details.
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CSC DigiPay Micro ATM: Services, Commission, and Order Device

#4: How To Install CSC DIGIPAY Software on Computer

As a CSC VLE, ensure that you install certain software/drivers alongside Digipay on your computer. Failing to install these additional components may result in various issues. The following software need to installed on your computer to run Digipay:

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: This framework is required for Digipay to function properly. You can download it from the official Microsoft website or access it directly through the provided link.
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages: This package is essential for running Digipay on your computer. You can download it from the official Microsoft website or use the provided direct link.

To download and install the above drivers, you can visit the official website of Microsoft Windows. You can find the software on the official Digipay website as well. Alternatively, you can directly access the download page by clicking on the provided direct links.

Ensure the installation of these software components on your computer to successfully install and run DigiPay without encountering any compatibility issues.


CSC SPV’s commitment to enhancing digital services is evident in the latest update to DigiPay v7.5. The introduction of Money Transfer Service and the Digital Service Portal reinforces DigiPay’s position Encourage users to embrace this change, update their DigiPay software, and unlock a world of new possibilities in digital transactions. as a versatile and user-friendly platform. As we navigate the digital era, staying updated with the latest advancements is crucial. Download DigiPay v7.5 today and experience the future of digital services.

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